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Technology will play an ever increasing role in

how non-profits achieve their mission

and engage with their supporters.

 501Seek ensures their success

Connecting Organizations with the Right Tech

Love Your CRM?

Say goodbye to sub-par and overpriced Non Profit tech services. Discover the tools to take your organization to the next level from the winners in your sector.

Relevant Reviews
Real Prices

Read relevant reviews from users at organizations of a similar scale, with accurate transparent pricing information.


We benchmark everything. From hosting costs to Twitter followers, compare metrics by sector, scale, organization age and more.

Group Deals

Share resources with partner organizations, or use our group buying power for discount deals on the services your organization needs to achieve its mission.

Our Goals:

1. Help Non Profits save $5 million over the next 5 years.

2. Idea to Impact in 180 Days.
(Funded -> Launched -> Happy Users) < 180 days

3. Sustainability.
Revenue Positive within 12 Months

Meet the team

Daniel Bloom


Former Tech Guy at Multiple Non-Profits Now Working at a Chicago Tech Company

Nigel Savage

Advisory Board

Hazon Founder & President. Former Fund Manager with NM Rothschild London.

Saul Orbach

Advisory Board

Experienced Executive & Founder. Mentor to Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Startups.

Elizabeth Katcoff

Advisory Board

MIT MBA, Systems Manager at Amazon

Sam Glassenberg

Advisory Board

CEO of one of Hollywood's Leading Video Game Studios

More Info | a little about us

Working in the non-profit sector I saw the increasing dependence of non-profits on technology to achieve their mission. CRMs, electronic donations and diverse communication platforms are becoming ever more critical to a non-profit’s success. However, time and time again I saw that organizations where either using the wrong systems, did not know how to use them effectively or were paying far too much for their services. Organizations were attempting to solve their technological challenges in a silo, without access to the wisdom of other non-profits facing the same challenge.

I wanted to create a platform where all organizations working to create a better world could share information, spend their dollars wisely, and discover the right tools to reach their goals. Together, if we could make the non-profit sector even 1% more efficient, imagine all the innovation, creativity and good that would be unleashed.

- Daniel

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If you are excited about the opportunity to better help non profits achieve their mission, or by the challenge of modelling rapid and sustainable innovation in the non-profit sector, contact us using the form below.


How much does it cost to use 501Seek?

501Seek is FREE to use for all non-profit organizations!

Where does the 501Seek data come from?

Most of our data comes from members of the 501Seek community who work at non-profit organizations. This data is supplemented by background research on our vendors, as well as sentiment gathered from other sources around the web.

Is 501Seek a non-profit?

We feel that are better suited to help other non-profits as a business. It gives us the freedom of focusing on our users, not donors.

How do you make money?

We earn revenue through our relationships with technology vendors serving the non-profit sector.

Why is it important to disclose the price paid for a service?

501Seek is built around the principle that a transparent marketplace is best way to ensure that organizations find the best products at the best price. We believe that organizations should have a clear indication of how much a service costs before having to submit their information to a vendor to receive a quote.

How does 501Seek protect my privacy?

501Seek will NEVER share your contact information with a vendor or anyone else without your express consent. By default, all information submitted by the members of the 501Seek community is anonymous. In cases where is may be helpful to share details of a particular user or organization, say for an especially helpful review, it is only with the consent of that user.

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